Meet the Founder

Once upon a time, I was an obsessive hoarder who cluttered his household in a misguided attempt to feel accepted by others.  That lingering feeling of satisfaction from the constant procurement of items led to an inefficient path muddled with feelings of inadequacies.  The consequences of finding fulfillment in items led to excessive stress and a lost sense of self-fulfillment.  At the peak of my shoe obsession, I owned 142 pairs of shoes which were stacked on top of each other in an unsightly way in every crevice of my household.  I can clearly recall the tensions I would feel when reflecting on the maintenance of all of those shoes; which is only a singular example of the many things I chose to collect over the years.

In addition to the amassment of inefficient items, my time was allocated in an ineffective way.  My dreams and aspirations spanned the horizon dependent on what was trending at the time, and I was constantly on the search for the next movement to jump on.  A lack of discipline was exuded in the way I sprung over to the next fad, and my obsessive nature caused me to waste exuberant amounts of time learning and understanding each new craze.  I was lost, and I had no clear path to becoming freed from my personal impediment.

Eventually, I had enough of this unfulfilling lifestyle, and after starting my eBay business, I found the benefits of living with less.  This time I was able to put my obsessive nature to positive use in adopting a minimalist’s perspective on both purchases and time allocation.  The more items I sold, the greater fulfillment I felt, and once I minimized my possessions, it felt oddly perfect.  I still to this day enjoy opulent items, but by consolidating my possessions into singular, high-quality items, I was able to attain greater items that I never thought possible while freeing up valuable time to perform newfound tasks that would be catered towards a new more fulfilling goal.

Shortly after this realization of the power of owning less, I became curious about a childhood dream of mine.  The touching and inspiring book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch was key to finding my calling as it explicates the importance of accomplishing your childhood dreams.  In my youth, I always admired the notable traits of a gentleman, and I fantasized of donning the dress of a gentleman. Dreaming of the grandeurs of carrying myself with unbridled confidence in a chivalrous manner, I worked incessantly to improve myself to become the idealized gentleman that I envisioned.  Utilizing my obsessive nature for better use, I have utilized my skill set to aid gentleman across the world to reach the apex of their potential, and to carry themselves as chivalrous gentleman in all aspects of their lives.

My name is Daniel Akana, the founder of the Minimalistic Gent, and my mission is to help you become the most effective and efficient gentleman that you were meant to be in the quickest way possible.  Welcome to the Minimalistic Gent!